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अमीर गरीब के बीच बढ़ती खांई चिन्तनीय


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"Keeping in mind the doctrine of Separation of Powers, Judiciary has to exercise considerable restraint to ensure that the surcharged democracy does not lead to a breakdown of the working of Parliament and the so as not to hinder the working the government or Parliament. The Judiciary needs to work in the area demarcated by the constitution. That is my advice to my brother Judges.The Executive has its own compulsions - huge population, lack of resources, high inflation, global economic region etc. As a consequence, online casino litigation has multiplied." U;kf;d tokcnsgh ij casino online polska yk;s tk jgs fcy kasino ds lEca/k ?????? ???????? esa mudk er gS fd tokcnsgh vko';d Thanks to stunning software and graphics, players feel as if they’ve been whisked right into a Vegas casino, while the odds are a whole lot better!Online roulette is an extremely easy game to play. gS ysfdu yksdrkaf=d ns'k esa dkuwu dk jkt dk;e jgus ds fy, Lora= U;k; ikfydk dk gksuk Hkh t#jh gS& "Accountability was essential but an independent judiciary was vital to upholding of rule of law in a democratic country. We want eminent jurists and senior lawyers to debate and suggest harmony and balance between independence and accountabillty,"
U;kf;d tokcnsgh dh c< rh ekax ds Åij eq[; U;k;k/kh'k dikfM ;k us dgk fd ;fn dksbZ tt Hkz"V yxrk gS rks mldk uke mtkxj gksuk pkfg, ysfdu pUn Hkz"V ttst ds dkj.k iwjh U;k;ikfydk dks ,d iyM s (One Basket) esa j[kus ls ijgst djuk pkfg, "If you feel that a judge is corrupt then take a stand and name him in public and tell the Chef Justice instead of making a generalisation. But do not put all judges in one basket. Do not bring the entire judiciary in disrepute,"
yxHkx lok rhu djksM oknksa dh Pendency ij vke turk dh fpark ij lgHkkfxrk n'kkZrs gq, mUgksaus dgk fd ge ikap o"kZ ls vf/kd iqjkus oknksa jouer au casino en ligne gratuitement dks fpfUgr dj muds 'kh?kz fuLrkj.k ij tksj nsaxs "This year is going to be 5 Free year for the judiciary."
yafcr oknksa esa yxHkx 74% ¼2 djksM 35 yk[k½ ikap o"kZ ls de le; ds gS rFkk tks vHkh ;k rks nwljh ikVhZ dks uksfVl u tkus ;k mldk i{k u vkus ls Qkby fg;fjax ds fy, ifjiDo ugha gq, gSa "I have written to the Chief Justices of high courts and they have been asked to focus on this 26% of the cases which are over five years old,"
Many things are not rightly projected. Of the 56,383 cases pending in the Supreme Court, 40,000 odd cases are not ready for hearing as service is not complete. The Subordinate judiciary with a judge strength of 12,000 odd has done a tremendous job in disposal of cases. Against a filing of 44 lakh cases, they disposed of 46 lakh cases this year. I am proud to be the Chief Justice,"

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